Our Government could've prevented all of this

Our UK Government could’ve prevented most of if not all of these cases.
For over 3 years we have been arguing for “Take Back Control” an “Control Our Own Boarders” and back in Dec 2019 there was a government elected based just on that yet they failed to act.

They Failed to close our boarders.

They Failed to close down the country.

They Failed to choose a direction.

They Failed to protect our frontline workers.

They failed to help EVERYONE in the country.

They are to blame for every single CASE and every single DEATH and the should be held to account for their inaction. To all the families out there that have lost someone i would urge you to come together and take on the government and get justice for your loved one that your were unable to say  goodbye to.
Look at Australia Look at New Zealand they Closed their boarders they closed their country down and they have deaths in the double figures.

Number Of Daily Uk Cases

Number Of Daily Uk Deaths